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As a collective of CEH and OSCP certified cyber security professionals, is on a mission to protect your infrastructure with laser focus on striking down the threats and securing your silicon and packets. We exude expertise in a wide array of fields including infrastructure pen-testing, web application pen-testing, wireless pen-testing, social engineering, reverse engineering and IoT security.

As a trusted partner for all your security needs, we leverage technology and techniques to incorporate advanced attack vectors used by black-hats, rather than just providing tools and reports with automated scans.

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Securing Devices, Communications & Applications


Know the vulnerabilities and stay informed of potential threats using a High-end pen testing and security services tailored to your needs

Embedded/IoT Security

Securing the IoT infrastructure as a whole including the Things, Server and communications using our team’s advanced techniques to detect a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Custom Hardware Devices

Building custom hardware for security testing / exploitation purposes to satisfy specific needs to assist in penetration process.


Comprehensive beginner friendly and challenging courses in all topics of cyber security from field experts.


Get a better understanding of Physical, cyber and personnel security.

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